We are a Canadian apparel company that focuses on providing adventurous people with quality goods that they can take anywhere.  

We are individuals that strive to pack out what we pack in and help leave things better than we found them when we are out in the wilderness. We are constantly looking for good vibes and surround ourselves with people who have a positive impact on the community and a positive outlook on life. Ultimately we are a group of individuals that aren't afraid to get a little dirty while appreciating the outdoors. 

Why Buy Staekka Apparel

With each purchase of Staekka apparel we make a donation to the Ancient Forest Alliance, an organization that helps protect the old growth forests of British Columbia. Plus we try to keep our products as Canadian and local as we can to ensure the best quality possible while also staying true to our roots.

At Staekka we hope to inspire others to get out and explore our great Canadian backyard in a responsible manner and to feel good about the apparel you choose to represent your lifestyle. 


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